Hello world!

Good Morning.  No ride planned for today, but there is too much work to do.  Got in around 37 miles around Orange County yesterday while my daughter’s bridal shower was underway.  Got that wedding in a month!!!

A week ago did my best time ever in the Rosarito – Ensenada ride (50 miles in 3:00 flat).  The first day of that PMC is 117 miles.  My longest ever was 83, so I have a way to go before August. 

  This is a travel week  (meaning hotel gyms, jogs in unfamiliar towns).  Will do my best.  First, I’ll try to get in 20 miles before the flight tomorrow, and maybe still get some in today, after I see to packing, renting limo for wedding, and various other activities. 

Fundraising 20% ($3505 to go).  Good job, everyone, and thanks.  This is tougher than training!  But this is where “my” ride becomes “ours!”

May 16 – Daughter’s wedding.  A busy and exciting time.

Jun-Jul – all-day rides, back to back rides, climbing rides.  Good diet.

July 31 – Son’s wedding.  Another busy and exciting time.

August 7, 8 – PMC Challenge

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